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About Pam

Mother of 2, Grandmother of 8.

2 surgery’s in 8 months– Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and Colon Re-Section.

On October 16,2012, I had a mammogram as referred by my Primary Doctor. They found a black spot and I was referred for another mammogram and a sonogram. Spot still there- next step was a biopsy. It was found to be Invasive Lobular Carcinoma-Breast Cancer in the fatty tissue of my left breast. Surgery was scheduled for a Lumpectomy on January 9,2013. This went well. No over-night hospital stay. After surgery I followed up with the surgeon. Recovery period went well. I returned to work on January 28,2013. I began radiation treatment on March 14, 2013, 16 sessions which ended on April 4, 2013. I went for the sessions after work. This also went well.

I went back for an appointment with my Primary Doctor, he referred me for a Colonoscopy. I made the appointment for July 5, 2013. The Doctor did the procedure, once completed and I was awake he asked me to come to his office. The doctor told me he found a mass on the left side of my colon and it had to come out. He took a Biopsy and called me the next week with the results, I was negative for cancer! We were both happy but the mass still had to come out!

On July 19, 2013, I met with my surgeon once again. He had the report for the mass on my colon and he said, “It has to come out. We have to find out , what’s at the Root”. He gave me a choice of surgery on August 28,2013 or in November.
I selected August 28, 2013.

While in the Hospital a couple days after surgery, my doctor gave me the Surgical Pathology Report, Low Grade Adenocarcinoma ! At the root there was a small cancer fell. The doctor told me, If we had awaited until November 2013, the cancer would have spread.

He got everything out ! It didn’t spread! He removed some of the Lymph nodes and everything was negative !

In January 2014, I saw all my doctors–everything is Great.

I’m still alive ! Cancer Free due to Early Detention !

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