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Marcie Took The Challenge

What are you doing to answer the challenge?
I’m learning and sharing the facts about colorectal cancer., I’m talking to my family about colorectal cancer., I’m talking to my doctor about my colorectal cancer risk., I’m getting screened for colorectal cancer.

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My father David passed away from Colon Cancer in May of 1997. We all miss him terribly. I am 56 and when he passed away, I went for a colonoscopy that year and every year thereafter and so did my siblings and my fiance. At 56 I am OK and now and it will be every five years to have one done,unless I feel and see the signs of colorectal cancer. Even my 24 year old son Jason had a colonscopy last year but THANK GOD it was only benign polyps. EVERYONE WITH HISTORY or WITHOUT A HISTORY should go and get screened! It is not easy but WORTH EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S LIVES!

Here’s my son JASON! I am so proud that he cares about his HEALTH and took my advice!